The ice cream lied

The ice cream whispered from its place in the icy cold depths of the freezer.

It murmured attractive promises to those that would listen.

In hushed tones it promised happiness and comfort.

Feelings that could be a counterpoint to those of sadness, tiredness and downheartedness.

The crisp voice of the cone, and the silky dark melodious whispers of the chocolate joined the soft words of the ice cream.

The delectable ice cream melted in the mouth. The smooth and creamy sweetness washing away the negativity.

The crack and crunch of the cone, and the soothing richness of the chocolate evoked uplifting feelings.

For a time, after consuming the last luscious morsel, all was good.

It was not to last.

After washing the dishes and a period of reflection, the negative feelings returned.

The familiar feelings of sadness and tiredness brought the heart down.

Only the feelings were not alone.

Accompanying them now were feelings of guilt and remorse.

The promises made by the ice cream were proven hollow.

Just like the empty calories that would need burning in the morning.