A Letter to The Dream Fairy

Dear Dream Fairy,

There are nights, when you give me, completely unforgettable dreams.

Some nights you give me good dreams.

Other nights you give me joyous and absolutely fabulous dreams.

These are good nights for sleep. I wake refreshed and ready to face the challenges and opportunities of the day.

Then there are nights that are not good.

Some nights you give me bad dreams.

Other nights you give me nightmares.

These are bad nights for sleep. I wake with gritty eyes and feeling tired.

Then there are the really bad nights.

On these nights your nightmares are so awful that they defy a description.

I wake feeling disturbed with a sense of dark foreboding.

These dreams are so bad that upon waking I suspect I am the subject of your psychological experiments.

All of this you already know.

I’m writing to you, oh great and wonderful dream fairy, to ask a simple question.

Why am I receiving so many of these truly awful nightmares?


Sleepless Insomniac

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

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